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Getting the most out of CareCalls

So you have CareCalls up and running, but the person you are helping is still having challenges. Dont worry! Below are two of the most frequent challenges and the way that we manage to solve them.

1. Still forgetting to take medication

If they are still forgetting to take medication here are a couple of methods that should help:

Place the medication by the phone

This will mean they can act as soon as they have the prompt and won’t forget.

Try setting up another CareCall 15 minutes later

This will help to double check they have taken the medication. Contact customer service via email or phone 0117 3357999 and let us know that you want to try this technique (no extra costs).

Warning: To avoid overdosing we recommend using a pill tray. This way if they take the pill after the first call they will be able to see that they have done so when prompted the second time.

2. Not reaching the phone in time

If they are not reaching the phone in time, here are a couple of methods that should help:

Shorten the callback time

If they don’t answer the phone, by default, our system will ring back 10 minutes later. If you shorten this it is more likely they will still be by the phone. Contact customer service (email or phone 0117 3357999) and let them know that you want to try this technique (no extra costs).

Make sure there are enough phones in the house

A set of wireless phones means that you don’t have to have a telephone connection point by all of the phones. You can dot them around the house so a phone can always be reached in time. We found these wireless phones are particularly good (big buttons too).

Are you having a unique challenge? Please let us know, we are always here to help. You can send us an email or phone 0117 3357999.

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