Mary Ellen - Social Worker

Award: Mary Ellen – Social Worker

This time, our care trophy has been awarded to Mary Ellen. Mary has used CareCalls to help 10 of her clients to remember to do the things that matter. She is a passionate social worker, carer and loving mother who has worked with vulnerable people for over 5 years.

Words from Mary

“I realised I could get creative with the personalised recording bit, so some of my clients have reminders for things like locking the doors and getting ready to go to church every Sunday, there are so many applications.

It is a tough job, having something like CareCalls makes a big difference, it has really helped to supplement the numerous calls I have to make every day.

Thank you CareCalls, and thank you for being helpful every time I get in touch.”

Thank you

We want to thank both Mary and all the social workers out there who are helping vulnerable people to live fuller lives. Thank you for the work you do and the support you have given us.

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